Workers Compensation Insurance NC

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is an insurance policy that is implemented on the workers for providing them security and safety. The policy of Workers Compensation Insurance NC (North Carolina), provides medical expenses, lost wages, illness, ongoing care, and rehabilitation services.

If any worker who works in North Carolina, is injured or ill in the workplace then they will get the workers compensation insurance benefit.

Benefits of Workers Compensation in North Carolina:

Benefits of Workers Compensation
Benefits of Workers Compensation
Benefits of Workers Compensation

In North Carolina, the insurance rates are based on par with the national average rates. Every business owner is liable to buy or sign workers’ compensation on a base rate for coverage by the NC Department of Insurance (NCDI). Companies must have to provide compensation on the base rate to calculate the costs but it is fluctual in nature. So, the base rate is based on up to 25% of discounts, incentives, and policyholder claims histories.

Let’s look at some workers’ compensation insurance NC base rates if they perform a few different kinds of jobs in the Country. The average cost of workers’ compensation in North Carolina is $50 per month. It’s completely based on the number of employees and size of payroll, Type of work, Claims history, and Business age or years in operation in workers compensation insurance in California and workers compensation insurance in PA.

  • Landscapers: $3.88 to $10.60
  • Plumbing contractors: $3.15 to $8.60
  • Short haul truckers: $6.20 to $16.93
  • Retail store workers: $1.30 to $3.55
  • Clerical workers: $0.10 to $0.27
  • Restaurant workers: $0.96 to $2.62

Top Companies of North Carolina:

CompanyLost WagesMedical CareVocational RehabilitationDeath BenefitsPermanent disability benefits
A-Affordable Insurance Services✔️✔️✔️✔️
Harris & Company Insurance✔️✔️✔️ (Eligible Children)✔️
Insurance People of North Carolina✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
WOOMER Insurance✔️✔️✔️
East Coast Insurance Services✔️✔️✔️(Only In Life Insurance)✔️

Here we’re going to tell you the descriptive information of the top 5 companies in North Carolina:

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A-Affordable Insurance Services:

CompanyA-Affordable Insurance Services
Established In1984
Address1305 Bird Rd., Albemarle, NC
SpecializationInsurance for drivers, Insurance for homeowners and renters, Insurance for Workers
Contact (704) 986-2222

In North Carolina, Affordable Insurance Services is one of the best companies that provide workers’ compensation. It is Bonded Insured, Licensed, Locally Owned, and Free Estimates plan. It provides Insurance Agency Auto insurance, Business Insurance, General Liability, Liability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation insurance. They make plans very easy and convenient to purchase many other insurance products, all at one location.

Harris & Company Insurance:

CompanyHarris & Company Insurance
Established In1935
AddressSanford, NC
SpecializationAuto & Leisure, Home & Property, Workers’ Compensation, Business Insurance
Contact(919) 774-6400

This company is established as a family-owned, independent insurance agency providing professional and friendly service to families and businesses. It includes Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Business Insurance, and Life Insurance. Buck Harris is the President of Harris & Company Insurance.

Insurance People of North Carolina:

CompanyInsurance People of North Carolina
Established In1899
AddressDurham, NC
SpecializationCommercial, Farm, Financial, Home, and workers’ compensation
Contact(919) 383-0442

This company provides insurance for the protection and safety of workers and employees. This company provides Auto, Commercial, Farm, Financial, Home, and workers’ compensation. It enhances the members’ ability to prosper, represents members’ interests, and identifies and addresses consumers’ needs.

WOOMER Insurance:

CompanyWOOMER Insurance
Established In 1998
AddressApex, NC
SpecializationCommercial Coverage for Business Insurance, General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Financial Services for Life
Contact(919) 290-6000

This insurance company provides a broad range of Insurance & Financial solutions. They offer personal Coverage for Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Recreational Vehicles, Life & Disability, Commercial Coverage for Business Insurance, General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Financial Services for Life, Health, Disability, and Retirement Planning.

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East Coast Insurance Services:

CompanyEast Coast Insurance Services
Established In2001
AddressFayetteville, NC
Specialization Home, Workers’ compensation, Life, and Business Insurance
Contact(910) 484-1769

The principal agent of East Coast insurance services is JACOB BARGE. This company serves independent agency to employees in North Carolina and offers professional service for auto, home, workers’ compensation, life, and business insurance coverage to its customers’ needs. Its goal is to properly protect your assets, save you money and provide the best service in the business.

Documents and Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance:

A workers’ compensation insurance NC certificate is a type of legal document that shows proof of insurance. The names of the documents are mention below:

  • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of insurance form
  • Subcontractor certificate of insurance
  • Proof of insurance

These documents and certificates request proof that the companies or businesses provide insurance to workers. The workers’ compensation insurance NC certificate includes details like:

  • Name and address of the policyholder
  • Name and address of the insurer
  • Type of insurance policies held by the insured
  • Policy number(s)
  • Effective dates of coverage

How long do workers comp last in NC?

500 weeks – Missing wages compensation is payable if the worker is not able to work for more than 7 days. Temporary total and partial disability benefits are paid for up to 500 weeks until you return.

Final Thoughts:

The article states the entire working procedure of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. The purpose of writing this article is to provide an effective policy plan focused on North Carolina.

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