How Much is Electricity Per Month: Cost of Electricity Statewise 2024

Wondering, How Much is Electricity Per Month?The average cost of electricity is 15.45 cents per kilowatt-hour. While the costs goes to 50 cents per KWh with the region, owing to the factors like Residential building type, market scenario, regulated/deregulated market and the location of your residence.

Electricity is the most demanded utility which is needed to accomplish every task. Whether its running home appliance, charging mobile phones or using it in offices to run various appliances. Explore the average cost of electricity bills with the article.

How Much is Electricity Per Month?

The cost of electricity bill varies with various factors like your state, where you reside. It costs about 23.78 ¢/kWh in Alaska, 29.49 ¢/kWh in California whereas 12.34 ¢/kWh in Georgia. Thus, each one has different measures of providing electricity bills. So, it varies with the region you reside in. Also, the electricity cost depends on the energy source, consumer type and the state regulations. Lets see states with highest & lowest rates.

Cost of Electricity by State

Hawaii is the state with highest electricity charges per month. It costs about 45.74 cents per kWh, whereas New Hampshire costs about half the pricing.

With fluctuation in Energy market the prices for per KWh electricity also vary. It costs about 10.37 cents per kWh in Washington, which is the lowest cost. It is due to the fact – renewable source of energy is generating electricity power.

On the other hand, there is an option to choose energy supplier through deregulated markets. This is a way to access Electricity services.

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Some of the states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennyslvania, Washington DC, New York, Ohio, Texas, Maine and several others permit to use deregulated electricity.

Consumers need to choose any of the 5 Plans offered. It includes Fixed rate plan, Variable Rate Plan, No-energy Plan, Green Energy Plan and Business Energy Plan.

Factors affecting Electricity monthly cost

How Can I reduce my Electric Bill?

Electricity monthly bill might shock you. The rise in rates of utilities have a large impact on many households. You can lower down the bill amount by performing the following practices. Some tips to lower your electric bill:

  • Prefer LED light over other lights.
  • Use daylight to lit your room, turning off the Bulbs.
  • Install Solar Panels.
  • Use Appliance with high Star ratings.
  • Check water leakage.
  • Run Smart meter to keep an eye on your utility usage.
  • Get your Air filters upgraded within some months.
  • Control Heating & cooling affect using Thermostats.
  • Save on Energy usage using Solar Panels.
  • Financial incentives to get potential savings on utility bill.