How Much is LA Fitness Per Month?

It costs up to $44.99 to get LA fitness per month, with additional $99 initiation fee. But if you’re a Costco member then how much is LA fitness per month?

LA fitness is best fitness club spread across 700 centres offering you amazing facilities to workout. Begin the journey by going through the guide.

How much does LA Fitness membership cost?

Nationwide access to LA gym is offered at $29.95 per month cost. You can get it at discounted offer with Costco membership benefits

Get LA fitness with Costco Discount offer

With your Costco membership, you can enjoy LA Fitness Gym benefits at discounted prices.

For getting LA fitness discount using Costco membership:

  1. Go to
  2. Then, buy any discounted LA Fitness Gym VIP voucher
  3. Use & redeem the voucher at local LA Fitness club.
  4. Now, signup the membership plan.
  5. And enjoy the exclusive discount offer.

Note: You need to redeem the voucher within 60 days of purchase.

Different Deals & Discounts

  • No initiation fees for new member.
  • Monthly cost $29.85 to new member.
  • Referral bonus with 30% off. Offers worth $100.
  • Military discount – Up to 20% off
  • Special Students discount – 10% off
  • VIP free 3 month package too offered to some members.

Is there any initiation fee at LA Fitness?

Yes, LA fitness charges you some initiation fees, no matter which plan you choose. It will charge you some amount as Initiation fee, like Single club members with 1 person added is charged $99, while with 2 person it goes to $124. on the other hand, it is waived for multi-club members.

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Besides, it charges $5 for towel and similar charges for each amenity added to your plan.

How can I freeze my LA fitness membership plan?

If you met some kind of mis-happening or physical injury you can freeze your LA Fitness account to take a break from Regular fitness club:

  1. Log in your account on web.
  2. Hit “Suspend” button.
  3. Go ahead by selecting number of months to freeze.
  4. Then, complete payment of $10 monthly.
  5. You can now reactivate your membership whenever you wish to do so.

What are different LA Fitness membership levels?

There are different membership levels of LA Fitness zone. It includes single Club and some Multi-club Membership Plans.

Basic Membership Level:

  • At $29.99 per month pricing.
  • Can go to all Fitness club
  • Equipments: Cardio & Strength training equipments.
  • Basketball & other courts.
  • Saunas with other facilities is offered.

All Clubs National Access & other amenities:

  • It costs about $39.99 per month to take advantage of all amenities like- Cardio, Strength, Racquetball & Basketball courts.
  • Can invite 2 more individuals with you.
  • An initial fee of $99 is charged.

All Clubs National Access with Pool & other amenities:

At the price of about $49.99 per month, you can enjoy amenities like Fitness classes (Group), LA Fitness clubs with Cardio training equipment. Besides, steam rooms access and facility of pools – Indoor & Outdoor is provided.

Basically, these prices may vary with the location of your Gym club and the amenities offered region wise. Includes different types of facilities like Pools and some other affordable amenities.

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Is LA Fitness worth it?

To get well equipped & affordable Gym, LA Fitness is best choice. It offers you plans ranging from cheaper ones to higher ones. There is long list of amenities the Gym offers, so what you like or prefer is offered at the best pricing here in LA fitness club.