How Much is IPSY a Month: Is IPSY worth the money?

Do you know IPSY prices starts from just $14/month? Isn’t it fascinating? To fit your beauty needs and preferences IPSY also offers other subscription plans. Then how much is IPSY a month? Lets explore various IPSY plans & offers to find more.

IPSY is widely known Beauty brand, offering ready to use bag with combo of different beauty products. Get a Glam Bag easily by attempting the Beauty Quiz and choosing preferred products. Adds Personalised products to your bag shipped directly to your door.

How Much is IPSY a Month?

Starting at $14 per month, IPSY stands out as unique Beauty care subscription service. Other services costs you about $30 per month or $60 for 3 months subscription. So the pricing differs with your plan.

IPSY is the leading beauty box subscription service, this owes to the fact that IPSY has personalised beauty products set. This is especially customised for you.

And Guess what? With IPSY makeup bag you can enjoy deals offering 80% off on your products every month.
Answer some questions asked related to your beauty preferences and needs, then it will get you the most suitable products combo ready. It will query about Skin tone, Brands, Hair & Eye colour and several other beauty related questions to help you purchase best bag for yourself.

Does IPSY offer a beauty bag subscription?

Yes, IPSY offers different Beauty bag subscriptions. It includes some deluxe sized beauty products, each costs about $70. You can add up your favorite brand’s products. The subscription is added as soon as you complete the beauty quiz on the official page.

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With your IPSY subscription, you can also, with the IPSY per month pricing you can also enjoy other. There are other services that offer some of the most appealing & demanding services to you. Also, you can get the per month pricing on IPSY subscription.

What subscription services does IPSY offers?

ipsy subscription services

Confused about which plan to choose? You can purchase all three plans simultaneously too! Find out some details about the plans.

IPSY offers mainly three Subscription services namely: Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus & Glam Bag Ultimate.

Glam Bag

Purchase IPSY Glam Bag at $14 a month, with the basic beauty services at lowest price. This includes a set of highly demanded beauty brand products costing about $50 a month.

Glam Bag Plus

Subscribe for IPSY Glam Bag at $30 a month rate. Deluxe-sized 5 beauty products, worth about $120 for whole set of products. This is a monthly service alike the previous one.

Glam Bag Ultimate

Glam Bag X, previously known as Glam Bag Ultimate is the quarterly subscription service, which includes 7-8 full-sized beauty products. Under the price of $55 per quarter you can purchase the bag, This bag is shipped out in November, May & August of the year. This is bought to replace the bags bought usually throughout the year.

How does IPSY work?

Get personalised box with beauty goodies packed in a IPSY’s monthly subscription box. Simply signup on IPSY’s website and become its member. You need to take beauty quiz too, answering all haircare, skincare and questions related to Beauty care.

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For becoming an IPSY member, simply head on to IPSY’s official website.

  1. Choose the subscription tier you like.
  2. Attempt to answer the Beauty Quiz.
  3. Then, proceed with Sign up steps.
  4. Lastly, enter the Payment details.

On confirming your order for Beauty Bag on IPSY, you will get it within 20 days. Refer to some noteworthy points:

  • Place your order on the initial days of the month.
  • Now, IPSY ships by 10th day.
  • Within a span of 22 days your bag is delivered.
  • IPSY offers several ways to earn points.
  • Redeem the earned points for offered Beauty items.

Is IPSY worth the money?

The IPSY beauty subscription box service is best & affordable, offering you personalisation options to fulfil your needs. Choose from different beauty products and get add-ons.

The cherry on the top is – best beauty deals, offering you trial of branded beauty products. Proceed with Beauty Quiz & enter your beauty preferences. Add-ons are too added to get you more of the IPSY subscription to your door.

Besides, you can get more of what is called as Beauty brand’s kit shipped directly to your door.

The beauty brands that IPSY offers are more fascinating and offer customisation options too. The services are provided as subscription for different bags included with Beauty products.