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Faug Game Download APK

Play, Fight, and Inspire with this amazing Indian Faug Game Download APK for fun! You can easily set up this gaming application on your device by clicking on the download link. Then, you need to install the gaming application on your Android device.

What is Faug Game APK?

Faug gaming application is an application that is made for giving tribute to Army or Soldiers who are guarding the borders. It’s brave work done by the army who have fearless and united guards.

In this application, players will fight for survival against the implacable enemy and the unforgiving terrain. This application brings the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders. It inspires and motivates the players toward our nation.

Application NameFAU-G Game APK
Download Size477 MB
Developed ByStudio nCore Pvt. Ltd.
Released onJan 25, 2021
Download FromPlayStore
Required OSAndroid 8.0 and up
Last Updated onMarch 5, 2021

Features of the Faug Game APK

User-friendly Interface

Easy to play the FAU-G game because of its user-friendly interface.

Realistic Graphics

Realistic Graphics is one of the best features in which everything seems quite real.

Story-based mission

You’ve found a story-based mission to play by imagining the real world.

Reviews Faug Game APK

Ayush Gaur

Congratulations for launching such an amazing game, but there are some drawbacks. I would like to say, – Graphics are awesome, but movement of characters are really bad you should work on that.- Make some immediate moves like picking up the weapon during the fight, its really bad that you can’t pick up the weapons during a fight, please work on that.- Make sure that the character standing in the middle of the screen, and work on sensitivity as well.- Make some sideways running for stability. Ty

viralvideo top.10

Animations are good. Story line is fine. Player fighting options are limited. There is no real control while fighting, the charcter seem to have a mind of his own. Very difficult to pick a weapon while fighting even when you seem to hover over it many times. If your weapon has depleted while killing an enemy who has dropped a full energy weapon, you can’t exchange it till the time your weapon has already finished. Many a times you struggle with map direction especially after restoring health .

23- Shreyan Dutta -12C

I personally liked the game a lot.. The storylines are awesome, especially when the character speaks in hindi. But there are few drawbacks which I noticed like the durability of the weapons dropped after killing an enemy is very less. It easily breaks after 4 to 5 attacks. For that reason it is becoming difficult to kill many number of enemies at the same time and finally I am dying.. And to make it more realistic, water bottles, bandages should be added. I hope the developers will look to this.

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Maniram Sharma

It’s a nice game but you have to improve it because there are many mistakes in this game are following : 1) There is no gun in this ( Add some guns like M416 and op gun skin). 2) The health of enemies are to big considering the time limit . 3) The health of weapons should be increased . 4) Don’t just lock us when we’re fighting the enemies , because with current level of difficulty it’s needed to move aside & get more space to fight with all the enemies. 5) This game still in beta stage.

Nalin Mathur

Feeling really proud playing this game ! The graphics and animation are also great! I understand that this game is in development and definitely you all will improve the game soon and make it reach to new heights.As of now there is a room for improvement like 1) you can add different game modes- story mode, mission/task mode & be a FAUG mode. 2) add more weapons 3) the fist fighting scene takes too long to finish an enemy and then moving to next enemy takes a bit time also add jump ,run,crouch.

Sidharth Padhi

The initiative by ncore games is the best thing happened…. But still there are a lot of things which needs to be updated with new updates… things should change:- 1.player and enemy movements 2.camera swipe 3.animation glitches 4.focus change during fight and picking weapons 5.sound management.. the best thing was the cutscenes.. awesome works

Download the Faug Game APK:


Simply click on the download link for the successful setup of this gaming application. It takes some time for completing the downloading procedure so you’ve to wait for a while. Once the downloading procedure is completed you need to follow the installation steps for setting up the gaming application.

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Install Faug Game APK:

Follow the step-by-step guide to install the Faug gaming application on an Android device:

  1. Once the downloading procedure is completed then open the file manager.
  2. Click on the downloads folder to open it and select the downloaded file.
  3. When you click on the downloaded file it will ask you to install the gaming application.
  4. Click on the continue option and then read the terms and conditions of Faug Game.
  5. Select the Accept option and then click on the Install option.
  6. It will automatically start begins the installation procedure.
  7. It takes some time to complete the installation procedure.
  8. Finally, the application is successfully set up on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who developed the FAU-G Game?

nCORE Games

How many users are registered in FAU-G?

Five million downloads on Google Play Store.

Is the graphics of FAU-G good?

Yes, it has realistic graphics so it is Great at graphics and fluidity.

What is the size of the FAU-G Game?

Around 460MB.


In this article, we’re going to provide you with the Faug Game Download APK link for downloading the application. When you click on the download link it will take some time for completing the procedure and then you’ve to install it.