How much is YouTube TV a month?

Everyone is much familiar with the ultimate You tube TV streaming, offering splendid You tube TV content. But may suffer in deciding best plan & wonder – How much is YouTube TV a month?

There are various YouTube TV plans offering you more than 100 channels with streaming of Sports, movies, latest News covering both national & international networks.

Thinking, What’s the price of YouTube TV? here are the plans offered by YouTube TV.

How much does YouTube TV cost?

Confused about current YouTube TV pricing? Find YouTube TV yearly subscription cost and other plans.

The cheapest plan that the streaming service offers is Base plan at the cost of $72.99/month. The current cost for it is framed under:

  • Base Plan – Streams more than 100 channels live, with DVR storage access. At the $72.99/month price, it offers 6 household accounts. For new subscribers, it is simply $57.99 per month for first 3 months.
  • Spanish Plan – About 30+ Spanish networks are included, with features from You tube TV. Offers 3 Streams along with 6 household accounts. Besides, you can include Add-ons too to the Base Plans.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone Plan – Bundled with You tube TV’s basic plan, NFL Cricket is included in it. Without any contract for 2 years.

Now, ‘What about YouTube TV’s yearly subscription cost?’ It has only monthly plans subscription, nothing like Annual Plan is offered here. This applies to all of the current YouTube tv pricing & packages.

Still, if it does not suffice your entertainment needs then, you need to include add-ons. Add-ons such as Sports Plus, Spanish Plus, and many other Premium channels at different Pricings. Starting from $1.99/month to $14.99/month for Spanish Channels add-ons.

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Then, how much is YouTube TV a month on including these add-ons? Answer is simple, mainly it relies on the plan & the YouTube add-on you’ve chosen.

What are the benefits of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV has a lot of to offer, be it music, movies, or streaming latest hits. Additionally, you get exclusive DVR cloud storage too. Moreover, it also provides 3 streaming at a single time. Isn’t it exciting and convenient? You can stream on Mobile, Tablet & computers.

The cherry on the top is the customisation options offered at this platform. Select the quality you wish for, including Dolby Atmos sound experience too.

Lets look at the YouTube TV’s splendid streaming features a little deeper:

Streams on Multiple devices: It offers multiple streaming on Mobile, Tablet and computers using a single sign in. Use Family Sharing profiles, to connect other 5 family members via their Google accounts. This is what we call concurrent streaming benefits.

Amazing Cloud DVR storage: On purchase of YouTube TV’s 4K Plus add-on, you can access unlimited storage. Thus, for offline downloads no extra storage space is needed.

Splendid Video Quality: Alike the cable, it streams videos at 720p quality. With quality streaming, it offers you 2.0 stereo audio sound.

Moreover, another catch is its Customisation options- whatever you wish to add, edit or arrange, you can do! Along with these, it is compatible with large number of devices, no matter whether it is your Tablet, Phone or Game console it can be streamed hassle free. Or go directly with to stream on browser.

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Before streaming YouTube TV on your screen, know what all channels you will get here to stream? And does Youtube TV have local channels?

How many live channels does YouTube TV have?

There are several You tube TV channels including Live Sports, News & local channels. To name a few, we have ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, etc. It is the hub of channels where subscribers get whatever they want. Add up a line-up of TV channels by adding Paramount, Showtime & others. Do it by adding it with the Entertainment Add-on purchase.

Besides, it streams Best Game moments to let you relish the true sports enthusiasts in you. Also, it streams Statistical Sports programmes coverage too.

Moreover, you can create your own library of Streaming movies, Shows & hits. Without bothering about Storage Space trouble – as Cloud DVR is especially for you.

and subscription benefits, that may add up to your subscription list of You tube TV’s