How much is peacock a month: Peacock 2024 Pricing

Peacock TV streams great content variety including movies, TV shows and Sports Live Telecast. Enjoy about 80,000 hours of Peacock TV streaming. This also offers you live Sports too, know how much is Peacock a month?

As per 2024 Peacock TV plans, it costs $5.99 a month (Premium plan). While Premium Plus plan costs $11.99 a month. Refer to the detailed comparison between the two pricing tiers. Know which one is better for you – Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus TV?

The best point about Peacock is its streaming services, which offers you coverage of best. It is best TV streaming service which offers content from the house of NBC Universal.

How many pricing tiers does peacock have?

Peacock TV has several tiers and plans for subscribing to its content at the platform. Now, you may think ‘what plans does peacock have?’ Actually, its Premium plan costs about $5.99 a month whereas Premium Plus plans costs $11.99 a month. Also, it offers you discounts on its Annual Plans too. You can grab one offer with the offer annual plans & products. Dig into the article ahead to know better about the Peacock’s wonderful streaming plans.

Mainly Peacock TV offers two tiers: Ad-free & Ads-supported Peacock plans.

  • Peacock Premium tier: Stream 80,000 hours of Peacock TV without paying much amount. It costs about $5.99 a month. Subscribe the Premium Plan to stream movies, Shows & Peacock originals.
  • Peacock Premium Plus tier: This costs about $11.99 a month to enjoy Peacock TV without Ads. And if you select the Annual plan for Plus tier then you’ll enjoy streaming at 17% discount. It streams huge library of Originals.
  • There was once a free trial plan also existed but it is now cancelled. The Ad-free tier costs about $5.99 a month. This includes same streaming alike Premium Plus plans.
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Is peacock worth paying for?

If you’re a great fan of Live Sports & enjoy the live coverage, then Peacock TV worth the price you’re paying for. Ultimately, it offers you a great library of NBC’s wonderful streaming through affordable Plans & pricing tiers. The streaming is awesome with Premium Plus without interruption of any ads.

How do I get a free tier on Peacock?

It can be accessed for free using Subscription benefits of other platforms. This includes Xfinity & Spectrum too. Simply sign in on these platforms & add on the Peacock Free trial as additional service.

  • Special offer for Students: For Students, plans are offered at the cost of 1.99 cost per month price. Purchase the annual Plan at the cost of $1.99, thereafter you need to subscribe to monthly plans. At the rate of $5.99 per month. Thus, you need to verify the plans at the very beginning of the subscription purchase.


What is the difference between Peacock TV free and premium?

You can grab a free Peacock trial through Xfinity or Spectrum services. Free tier offers content for trial purpose while Peacock Premium costs $5.99 a month. Also, there is one more ad-free plan offering Peacock Streaming at $11.99 a month.

Does Peacock have live TV?

Peacock Live TV streaming can. It includes live Sports coverage, through Premium & Premium Plus plans. This also streams on-demand content through Peacock TV.

How to get peacock cheaper?

Here are some ways to get Peacock TV at cheaper prices,
Purchase Student Peacock subscription plan.
Get an Annual Plan subscription.
Use Promo Code to purchase a suitable plan.
Get Peacock TV for free with Xfinity or Spectrum.
Purchase at discounted price with Direct TV Subscription.