How Much is Medicaid a Month: Medicaid Eligibility & Benefits

As per National Healthcare Expenditure(NHE) Medicaid cost is about $12,914 per person. Get to know whether you qualify for medicaid or not?

Medicaid is health insurance scheme provided by Federal & state government. It is especially offered to people with low-income levels by Federal & State government. Person who meets the eligibility criterion laid down by Federal government can qualify for. The question is ‘How Much is Medicaid a Month?

How Much is Medicaid a Month?

Medicaid does not offer any monthly premiums rather funds your Medical expenses on qualifying its eligibility criteria. You simply required to enroll through Medicaid office or Affordable Care act.

But, who qualifies for Medicaid? Know the eligibility based on your income levels.

Who can get Medicaid benefits?

Anyone who qualifies for Medicaid facilities is paid full amount and others are paid along with the Copay.

What is the income limit for medicaid?

The income level for Medicaid is decided by Affordable Care Act. According to it person with Income level less than 138% of the Poverty level. It can be deteremined by subtracting Tax deductions and expenses form your total income. That is often referred to as “Modifiead Adjusted gross income”.
You can exempt from paying Medical expenses even if your income level is more than the laid criterion, in case:

  • Have physically disabled dependents.
  • Illness bills
  • Pregnant Lady as dependent
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program is presented for Children belonging from Families of higher income levels. It is also flexible with the States under consideration.
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Even if your income level is slightly above the Income criterion laid, go with any of the ways:

  • If you’ve several Medical expenses.
  • If you’re a CHIP application filer.
  • Furthermore, you can contact your State’s office and get other way out.

The question is – How do I enroll in a Medicaid plan?

How to Sign Up for Medicaid?

Enroll in any Medicaid plan by simply submitting a form in State Agency.

  1. Select any plan on approval of your application.
  2. Now, select a Doctor.
  3. Then, choose a Managed Care Organization (MCO).
  4. Lastly, pay the bill.


  • You can apply for it anytime, provided your medical expenses come under it.
  • You can apply through Affordable Care Act marketplace or Medicaid office.
  • Make sure to discontinue your pre-purchased health insurance plan, to qualify for Medical facilities.

What does medicaid pay for?

It is liable to pay you every expense on Medical facilities on qualifying the eligibility criteria. For the medical services such as Emergency services, Pregnancy assisstance, Family and other services including Children’s preventive care full payment of expenses is made.

For services like Hospital services- Inpatient & Outpatient, Nursing care, Laboratory tests, Midwifery services, Medical care transportation charges, Health care units and X-Rays. Dental care expenses especially to Children is also provided by it.

Important: Cosmetic Surgeries and therapies are not elegible to be paid through the services.