How much is disney plus a month: Basic & Bundle Price details

When it comes to enjoy a weekend watching anime, nothing can beat Disney’s ultimate streaming services. Indeed! Disney Plus is the foremost choice of streamers. But, now the question arises, how much is disney plus a month?

Basically, Disney offers its extensive library of Anime through two plans:

  • Disney Basic Plan: Offers streaming at the rate of $7.99/month, with ad-support & no download is permitted.
  • Disney Premium Plan: Enjoy ad-free streaming at $13.99/month, with no ad-interruption & download support.

And Yes! I’m pretty sure that you’ll love the Disney Bundle plans. It includes both ad-free & ad-supported tiers. This is best option for families want to stream multiple

How much does a Disney bundle cost?

Certainly, you can also get exclusive streaming of Disney Plus along with other streaming services. This includes various plans & packages such as those mentioned here:

Basic Disney Bundle Plans:

  • At the price of $9.99 a month, Ad-supported Disney Plus with Hulu.
  • Get Ad-supported Disney Plus with Hulu & ESPN+ at $14.99 per month.
  • Enjoy Ad-free Disney Plus subscription with Hulu at $19.99 per month.
  • With $24.99 per month subscription plan purchase, stream Disney+ (ad-free), Hulu (ad-free) and ESPN+ (with ads).
  • There is another bundle plan at $18.99 per month, offering Disney+ (without ads), Hulu (ads) & ESPN (ad-supported).

So, its up to you, what you choose & go with which subscription plan purchase. Lets see What is offered on disney plus?

What is Disney Premium Plan?

Disney Premium Plan is most preferred over others owing to the fact that it offers Dolby Atmos feature. This is what immerse subscribers while watching the favorite anime. Disney Premium allows streaming without ads with download of unlimited content on multiple devices. It doesn’t even cost you for linking to another 4 screens.

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What all is included in Disney Plus?

Disney Plus offers huge animated content from the house of Pixar, Star Wars & Marvels. This includes streaming of all your loved Anime, movies & fascinating tales like Snow white, Strange World and many more.

Additionally, you can also stream up to 4 devices too. You can also stream using up to 7 user Profiles. Even you can also enjoy 4K playback for selected titles. Isn’t it amazing! With the Seven Profiles, download on more than 10 devices is also offered. All this is included with the Premium Version.

How to watch disney plus?

On going through the Disney Plus Pricing & Plans to stream Disney Plus, you go through

  1. Head on to Disney Plus official website.
  2. Hit the ‘Sign up’ button.
  3. Put in your Email Id & Password.
  4. Thereafter, choose which plan you wish to subscribe- Basic or Premium.
  5. Go ahead, entering your Payment details into the page.
  6. Now, you can stream Disney Plus on web browser or any of the compatible devices.

Does Disney Plus have a price hike?

Last month Disney Plus has announced that its price will increase. Now this may shift streamers interest to a little cheaper plans. As per a report about 1.3 million subscribers have dropped their Disney Plus subscription.