How much is apple TV a month: Plans, Cost & Pricing

Searching here and there for ‘how much is apple TV a month?‘ So let us introduce you to the emerging streaming service offered by Apple TV. This offers you streaming on more than six devices with benefits of 4K HD content.

Apple TV is great option for streamers, want to enjoy streaming at lower prices. This also offers you amazing Ad-free Apple originals. Immerse in the ocean of great streaming with Apple TV, offering you streaming without ad-interruption. Apple TV is easy to stream on Game consoles, Smart TVS, Sticks & other compatible devices.
The best thing is that you get can share your Apple TV Subscription benefits with other 5 peoples too. Along with this, Apple TV streams its amazing content in a Spatial Audio feature.

How much is apple TV a month?

Apple TV costs you a sum of money that is pocket-friendly. It costs a nominal price per month to subscribe for the Basic plan. Here is the brief of the Apple plans & pricing:

  • Individual Plan: At the price of $20 a month, it offers you 50GB storage on cloud.
  • Family Plan: At the cost of $26/month, offers sharing with other5 people too. Include 3 Apple services, with 200 Cloud storage space.
  • Premier Plan: At the price of $38/month, it gives you 2 TB of cloud storage. You can purchase & share it with other 5 members too.
  • Another plan: Apple Music Student Plan which offers you, all of the Apple TV,

Apple TV costs $9.99 per month for its Basic Plan purchase. Lets find some ways to get discounts on Apple TV streaming, & other

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What are different offers on Apple TV?

In addition to the plans we’ve discussed above you can enjoy the amazing streaming with any of the following offers: 3 months Apple TV free streaming, Free 7-days trial, Free 1 month Apple trial

Free 7-days trial

Sign up on Apple TV & start the free Apple TV trial. All you need to do is create a Apple TV account. Thereafter, on completion of the trial period, you can stream for free.

Free 1 month Apple trial

On purchase of Apple One bundle plan, you can get fascinating Apple services for a period of 1 month. Thereafter, the streaming is easier for numerous Apple services.

How do I get 3 months free on Apple TV?

On purchase of any Apple device you can get free streaming on Apple TV, you only need to redeem the offer once on purchasing the Apple device.

Here’s how to activate Apple 3 months free offer:

  1. Switch On your new Apple device.
  2. Login using Apple Id.
  3. Now, launch the Apple TV app.
  4. Then, hit the ”¬†Enjoy 3 Months Free” button, and follow the prompts ahead.