How much is amazon prime a month: Amazon Prime Plans & Benefits

Are you eager to avail all of the services offered to you by Amazon & want to know how much is amazon prime a month? Getting Amazon subscription is easier task, you simply sign up on then purchase a plan by entering your Credit Card details.

Get a combo of Amazon benefits like entertainment, shopping, and much more at one place by simply purchasing a free membership on Amazon. Besides, it provides different benefits including free delivery to thousands of eligible orders too.

How much is amazon prime a month?

Check out what is prime membership fees and monthly plans for different categories of Prime members.

  • Student membership plan: This charges a minimal fees of $69 per year which is about $7.49/month. On purchasing a plan, you can also avail a Prime Student offer which gives 6 months trial.
  • Prime Video Membership: Enjoy unlimited membership benefits at $8.99 per month.
  • Yearly Plan: Subscribe Amazon for $139 per year and remain assured for whole year with Amazon Annual Plan.
  • Monthly Plan: You can also get Amazon at $14.99 per month charges. This offers you benefits of unlimited streaming with other allied services.

Is Amazon really worth the cost of membership?

The services Amazon offers are really awesome. But it depends on the usage of the services. This means it is mainly decided by how customers use these services. You can get better idea of its services through analysis of the main factors affecting membership deals.

Some of its services are so amazing such way that surpass the prices you pay for. With the Amazon Rx pass, you can get benefits of offered from numerable pharmacies. Also, deals of the day are offered to its exclusive Prime member for its products.

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Besides, it offers free shipping of some of its products under Prime Membership benefits. Amazon is the platform which offers services with convenience. The best way to know whether Amazon Prime holds the worth or not is to try its free trial.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

There are innumerable perks of Amazon Prime, you can relish its various services for free:

  • Exclusive deals on Shipping: Eligible items may qualify for free shipping benefits. Deliver items for Delivery benefits.
  • Shopping Offers: With Amazon Prime membership you also get shopping deals & discounts.
  • Amazing Streaming: Enjoy streaming of unlimited Shows, anime, web series and latest movies. Subscribe to different Prime Video channels to know better about your. You also get chance to store all your resources online with Cloud Storage.
  • Discounts on Book purchase: If you’re fond of book reading then you will find this as foremost benefit.
  • Prime Gaming: Play online games on your device through browser.
  • Huge savings offer: Enjoy free 2-days shipping of items ordered. Simply, visit the and order the item you wish for, this will then avail you free shipping.
  • Various bonuses and Gift Cards are also offered at low prices.
  • Sometimes it also offers you Twitch TV subscription benefits too.