How to Fix “Your PC Did Not Start Correctly” Error?

While starting your computer windows may fail to boot and you may get and error “your PC did not start correctly” . This error shows interruption in boot process which require rectification to start computer. It may resolve by restarting you computer but sometime it will not resolve because of various reasons.

Why ‘Your PC Did Not Start Correctly’ Error occur?

This error occurs due to interruption in Windows 11 boot process. The may be because of:

  • Power failure during the boot process or your computer shut down before Windows can boot
  • Wrong configurations
  • Corrupted drivers
  • Windows update with bug

Method to Fix the ‘Your PC Did Not Start Correctly’ Error

If restarting does not solve the problem, try out all below possible option of correcting this error.

Method to fix Error “Your PC Did Not Start Correctly”

  1. Restart your computer. 
  2. Using Startup Repair Tool.
  3. Boot into Safe Mode
  4. Uninstall Windows Update
  5. Restore System
  6. Repair boot configuration data
  7. Reset PC
  1. Restart Your Computer: Go to Start > Click on Restart
  2. Using Startup Repair tool : In Error Screen >Troubleshoot>Advanced Option> Startup Repair
  3. Boot into Safe Mode : Troubleshoot Advanced options Startup Settings Restart
  4. Uninstall Windows update : Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View update history > Uninstall updates
  5. Restore System:Advanced options > System Restore from the error screen
  6. Repair boot configuration data : Advanced options > Command Prompt and follow onscreen instructions
  7. Reset PC : Contact manufacturer to Reset your PC

Before performing any of the steps, take backup of your data and make it safe.

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