— As the economy struggles to recover from a recession, some states have struggled to cope with a surge in drug use.

The number of new users in the U.S. is up significantly, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And in a sign of the new challenges the recovery is facing, the state with the highest rate of drug use, Florida, is now the worst hit.

Florida has had an increase in drug users over the past year and a half, the CDC said.

But it has seen a decrease in use.

The state also has one of the highest rates of deaths from overdose, the latest CDC data shows.

That means the state is the most vulnerable to the economic downturn and its effects, said Michael Ritter, chief of policy and government relations for the advocacy group Drug Policy Alliance.

Drug overdoses have spiked dramatically in the state.

In 2015, the first year of Florida’s drug-free recovery, Florida had the highest number of overdose deaths in the country.

The rate of overdose has been declining over time.

Now, more than one in three people who die from drug overdoses in Florida is a white male, according the CDC.

While drug use and overdose deaths have fallen in recent years, the number of people who use illicit drugs has increased, with a spike in heroin use in the past decade.

And in some cases, the rise in drug abuse has prompted more aggressive policing in communities where drugs are being sold.

As part of a statewide crackdown, state police have stepped up drug patrols in neighborhoods, and drug-related arrests have increased.

“We’re seeing that more and more people are going to get into these communities, and that’s going to create an environment that is going to encourage more people to try and use drugs and that is what we’ve seen,” Ritter said.

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