Enable Windows Security with Network Firewall

Network Firewall

A network firewall is a type of security that restricts illegal access, such as to unknown networks. It will allow only authorized traffic and also block unwanted traffic as a firewall to protect against unauthorized access, malware, and other security threats. To enable the network firewall, click on Start > Settings > Update & Security … Read more

Snapchat login: how to login on Snapchat

snapchat login : how to log in on snapchat

Snapchat is a popular multimedia messaging app that users can use to send and take photos and videos. Additionally, users can have fun with text, drawings, or filters, adding a fun and creative element to their messages. Snapchat is also known as “Snap“. To login or connect to Snapchat, follow these steps:

Manage Audio Settings with Sound Control Panel

Sound Control Panel

The Sound Control Panel offers access to adjust and manage the audio settings as per your choice, as well as the volume. After every Windows update, you’ll lose the settings, so you need to again set the sound settings. With these settings, you can resolve all the audio and sound issues and also run the … Read more

Check the Battery Health on Windows Laptop

Check the Battery Health on Windows Laptop

A battery health check is an important process for determining the life of a Windows laptop battery. By using the command prompt and Windows PowerShell, you can get a complete battery health check report on your system. With this health report, you can check how much is used, the capacity, and life estimates. If the … Read more

Open and Adjust Power Settings on Windows

Power Settings

Power Settings is a plan that allows the user to change the hardware and system settings. This power set allows the user to optimize energy consumption on their desktop computer device. Learn how to change the power settings on windows with Power & Sleep in Settings, Control Panel, Command Prompt, and Windows PowerShell. How to … Read more

Shut Down Computer

Shut Down Computer

Shutting down the computer means closing all the programs and applications on the Windows computer. If you want to shut down computer, learn the multiple methods mentioned in the article. There are lots of ways to build up the shut-down computer, such as the Start menu, using a keyboard button, and pressing the power button … Read more

how do debt relief programs work

how do debt relief programs work

Debt relief programs work as a means to manage and pay off debt for individuals who are often facing excessive financial burdens or debt. It consists of a number of companies that offer strategies to reduce and ultimately eliminate the borrower’s debt. So the advice from these companies is only to help you get your … Read more

Open Control Panel on Windows 10/11

Open Control Panel on Windows 10

In this article, you’ll get knowledge about 5 ways to open control panel on Windows 10/11, click on the Start menu and type the control panel in the search bar. It will show some results if you select Control Panel from the list. Find Control Panel on Windows 10/11 The Control Panel is used to … Read more

What Windows version do I have check with Winver Run?

Winver Run

Winver Run is a command to check the Windows version and also shows the build number and service pack of Windows. Through this winver run command, you can get complete information about your operating system version. To check the windows version with Winver via running the command with Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt, and the Windows … Read more

How to create backup and restore on Windows 11 PC?

How to create backup and restore on Windows 11 PC

Backup and restore on a Computer is the procedure of copying confidential data to protect it from cyberattacks and other disruptions. It also restores files or settings when you lose them. Learn the steps mentioned in this article to backup and restore on Windows 11, connect the drive, and restore the backup settings and files … Read more