Trump’s tax plan will be ‘failing to achieve our goals,’ analysts say

President Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy has already failed to achieve its goal of reducing the federal deficit, according to a new study.The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said in a report released Monday that the plan would result in a $4 trillion loss of revenue by 2027, with more […]

How to invest more online: How to increase your returns

The first time you set foot on an investor forum, you’ll hear the term “risk taking.”But what exactly is it?Here’s what it means: “Risk taking” is the act of making a bet that the outcome of a bet could affect your own stock portfolio or your money, but which you don’t have control over.For example, […]

When you don’t have to: A guide to the best UK deals

The best UK jobs are right in front of your eyes, and the best local deals are right here on our site.Whether you’re looking for a job, getting on in the city or finding a house, you can rest assured knowing which deals are on offer.We’ve put together a guide to help you pick the […]

How to tell the difference between the two major parties

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders have each been running for president for three consecutive terms.The question is, how do you tell the two different candidates apart?If you want to learn how to tell a difference, here’s a guide.The candidates are essentially the same, with the notable exception of the positions they hold on […]

The US economy added 1,000 jobs last month, but the jobs lost to hurricanes Harvey and Irma show that there are still many Americans still without work

The US economic growth in September was mostly driven by hiring and the economy added just 1,100 jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.That’s the lowest number since October.The unemployment rate hit 7.3 percent in September, the lowest level since February of 2017.The jobs added to September were mostly part-time and part-year positions.The […]

Tanzania’s economic situation ‘a bit of a mess’ – TNA reporter

TNA’s Ross McMath reports that Tanzania’s economy “a bit…a mess” as the country’s president, John Magufuli, announced last week that he is stepping down in 2018.He was re-elected with 58 per cent of the vote.TNA President John Magiulmu-Tsegay says he will step down in October, 2018, at the end of his term, after serving two […]

A negative economy will be worse than a positive one

By David Clements New Scientist article News is a big business.The media and politicians love it.The research and economic analysis departments at universities around the world depend on it to keep their research up to date.It’s why we keep learning about it, and how it works.And it’s why journalists, researchers and politicians have a vested […]

How to invest in the Catalan economy

With the European Central Bank’s €50bn bond buy-back programme, Catalans can now buy into the economy with the first buy-backs in the region’s history.What you need to know about the ECB’s buy-out programme article With a market capitalisation of around €80bn, Catalonia is the world’s eighth-largest economy and one of the regions largest employers.With the […]

How to choose the right business credit report

Businesses can have a hard time getting credit.The most important part of a credit report is the information you submit.The more you submit, the better the chances are that the report will be accurate.But a credit score is just one piece of the puzzle, so you need to make sure it’s accurate as well.Here are […]

Aussie companies to be hit by new tax, higher corporate taxes, and tougher rules

AUSTRALIA is set to hit Australia’s highest corporate tax rate for the first time in decades with the new levy, with the top rate of 35 per cent on income earned over $2 million.The new rules will also affect foreign direct investment and some capital gains tax, with both measures being phased in over the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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