Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders have each been running for president for three consecutive terms.

The question is, how do you tell the two different candidates apart?

If you want to learn how to tell a difference, here’s a guide.

The candidates are essentially the same, with the notable exception of the positions they hold on issues.

The following is a guide to how to figure out which candidates stand apart from the rest of the field.1.

The positions they take on issuesBoth Clinton and Trump have taken positions on the issues, and some of the issues they have taken on are very similar.

For example, Trump has called for a $1 trillion infrastructure investment.

Clinton has said she would like to see a $5 trillion investment.

They both also support a more aggressive approach to illegal immigration and trade, which both of them want to curtail.

However, they differ on how they would do this.

Clinton’s plan is to reduce legal immigration by 60% by 2020 while Trump’s would cut it by 50%.

Clinton’s proposal would cut legal immigration from its current levels by 80%.

Trump’s plan would increase legal immigration, while Clinton’s would reduce it.

Both candidates also take a strong stance on trade.

Both believe that trade agreements should be based on the best interest of American workers and businesses.

But Trump is much more open to trade deals with countries that are poor or have high tariffs than Clinton.

Trump’s stance on immigration is similar to that of Clinton.

Trump has said he would seek a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., while Clinton has not yet proposed such a ban.

Trump’s position on illegal immigration is also similar to Clinton’s.

Trump supports amnesty for undocumented immigrants, while he has said that illegal immigration should be a national security priority.

Both candidates support reducing the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the U