Posted November 02, 2018 14:34:23Brazil is often described as a country where you can go for a day without having to leave the country.

But what do you get when you combine an incredible beer and a vibrant, cosmopolitan lifestyle?

Brazilian microbrewers have created some very unique beers and cocktails that you can try with just about anything you can think of.

Here are some of our favorites from the country, including the beers that make it into their menus and the cocktails that make the city famous.1.

The Chilperico beerThe Chilpino is a brew made from locally grown, locally-sourced, organic and local-saved grapes.

It is made from the seeds of the plant that is commonly used to make beer.

The grapes, which are the same as those in beer, are harvested during the summer months.

In the winter, they are harvested in a traditional manner, before being dried and fermented.

The beer is made by fermenting the grapes in a closed container and adding yeast, sugar, and a blend of spices and herbs.

This fermentation process creates a unique blend of flavors that make for an excellent and refreshing drink.2.

The Salsa LidoBeer is a Mexican staple, and is made with locally-grown tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, but it is also available in cans and bottles.

It’s an easy drink, so try the lido, a traditional margarita or latte, in a glass with your favorite Mexican beverage.3.

The Carrot BeerThere are a number of ways to enjoy the Carrot beer, which is made in a variety of ways.

You can sip it in the summertime, after a night of dancing, or you can enjoy it in a cold beer in the winter.

The carrot beer is sweet and tangy with a citrus aroma, but with a strong tropical kick and a sweet, fruity finish.4.

The Pint of BeerBeer is so popular in Brazil, it is not hard to find a place to drink it in Brasilia.

The popular Pinto dos Chilpos, or the Tapas of Brazil, serves a large amount of beer at a small price point.

The tapas are usually served in a cool, dark area, but you can also get a beer and an appetizer.

The menu offers different appetizers like chicken and avocado, as well as the classic pico de gallo with prawns, roasted potatoes, tomatoes and avocado.5.

The Peppa PinaudBeer is one of the most popular beers in Brazil.

Peppa is a sweet and creamy, tropical drink made from fermented beans and sugar.

It can be served cold or with a glass of ice cold beer.

Peppers are used to enhance the flavor of the drink.

The drink is often served on a plate with a slice of fresh bread and cheese.6.

The Cidre de CidresA classic margaritas and a great way to celebrate the Brazilian holiday of Cidremes, a celebration of feasting, is the Cidren de Cids, or Cidrées.

Cidredes are the Brazilian equivalent of New Year’s Eve.

Cids are traditionally served with a small glass of wine, or with small plates of fresh fruit or a few meats and cheeses.

The dishes are usually filled with a variety in Portuguese and Spanish.7.

The Black and Tan beerBlack and Tan is a Brazilian beer that is made of local, organic, and local harvested grapes.

The beverage is usually made with red or white wine, and often includes an addition of sugar.

The fruit juice adds flavor to the drink and makes it more palatable for vegetarians.

The black and tan beer is a classic that is enjoyed throughout the year.8.

The Tiki drinkThe Tiki is a tropical drink, made from pineapple, orange juice, and coconut water, that is served in tropical drinks.

The drinks are popular among Brazilians for their refreshing drinkability, and the tropical flavor adds a nice contrast to the tropical flavors of the beer.9.

The Spiced BrieBeer is another Brazilian favorite, and you can find a variety at many Brazilian restaurants.

The spiced brie is made using fermented wheat berries, which can be used in food and beverages.

The berries are added to the beer to give it a different flavor.10.

The Bolognese drinkA Bologna is a traditional Brazilian dish made with seafood, vegetables, and pasta.

It has an amazing texture and a delicious flavor that is usually served with garlic bread, onions, and peppers.

The dish is made at home with fresh ingredients, and many people have tried it at home for their own special occasion.11.

The La BiciclettaBeer is an Italian-style beer made from yeast, which has a distinctive flavor.

It was created from the yeast used to ferment beer in Italy, and