The economic impact of Donald Trump’s tax scam on Americans has been made clear for all to see.

And that’s exactly why Trump should be impeached.

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty and economic uncertainty, the United States is facing an economic crisis of epic proportions.

But the American people are not being told the truth.

A recent study found that the tax scam will cost the US economy more than $1 trillion, and it is likely that the economic losses will go far beyond the initial estimated $600 billion.

It is estimated that the total damage will be much more than the $400 billion that Trump promised, but the truth is that this tax scam is a lie.

In a world where every dollar spent is a dollar that is lost, every dollar lost is a loss to the American economy.

But what about Trump’s lie that the US will have $1.5 trillion in tax revenues and the rest will be spent?

Well, that’s a lie, too.

The truth is $500 billion in taxes will be diverted to the wealthy while the rest of the country will have to pay higher taxes.

The Congressional Budget Office has calculated that the $1,500 billion that will be redirected from the wealthy to the rich will amount to less than 0.01% of GDP.

In other words, the wealthy will pay less in taxes than they would pay if the tax rate were set at 35%.

Trump has said that his tax plan will generate $2 trillion in revenue and he has promised that it will help the middle class and the poor.

However, the Congressional Budget office has shown that this plan would only provide an additional $1tn in revenue over 10 years, which is a total of less than $200 billion.

The tax scheme that Trump has been promoting has never created jobs.

There is a reason why the President has been calling it a “dynamic scoring system”.

It is not a system designed to create jobs.

It’s a system that produces a score that is based on the whims of a small group of rich people, not on the needs of the American taxpayer.

The Trump tax scam has been designed to make sure that the rich get a tax cut while the middle-class and the working poor get a smaller tax cut.

This is a system of deception and greed that will hurt our economy and hurt our democracy.

Why have I become a Bernie Sanders supporter?

Bernie Sanders is a true progressive.

He is a candidate for president who fights for the people, and he will fight for you.

He wants to help you and the people who want to help your country.

Sanders is not only a fighter for the working people, but he is also a champion for the middle classes.

He fought for the rights of Wall Street and for the American worker.

In his fight for working people and the middle and working classes, he has stood up for fairness and against the big corporations and the special interests.

He has fought for an economy that works for all and not just the one percent.

His platform is based around raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

He supports paid family leave, making college free and a $15 minimum wage.

He fights to end racial inequality and to provide universal health care to all Americans.

His record is not just progressive, but it is a progressive record that is grounded in the values of social justice, equality, and fairness.

And his campaign is based upon the message that we are stronger when we fight for the poor and for people who are often overlooked.

What about Trump?

Trump is a liar, and his tax scam scam is the greatest scam ever perpetrated by a president.

What are the top 3 reasons why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders?

If you are tired of hearing about the economic issues facing the United State, why not jump into the action by voting for Sanders?

The economy is the most important issue facing our country and the only one that has gotten enough attention to cause the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Bernie Sanders has said many times that the United Republic of Ireland and the United European Union (UE) should stay in the European Economic Community (EEEC).

This is an important step to protect the sovereignty and the prosperity of the United states.

Bernie has said the United Nations is a failure, and has said he would fight to end it.

He would end the U.N. budget, abolish the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women, and replace it with a new commission focused on gender equality.

He also supports a moratorium on new foreign aid to the U