Footballers need to perform on the field, but they also need to do what they love, to help the team win.

Achieving both is paramount.

In a new book, former England captain, John Terry, and former England defender, Michael Owen, have compiled a comprehensive list of the best players in the game.

The book was co-authored with John Terry and is a fascinating look at the history of the sport.

Terry, who died in 2016, said the list was an attempt to look at how the best people in the business have done their jobs and why they did.

Terry, who coached Terry’s Manchester United team in the 2000s, said it was important to take a step back and see how the players did their jobs.

“You have to ask the players and ask what they really enjoy,” Terry said.

“The answers you get are fascinating and it’s not just about playing football.

There are so many different aspects to it, it’s about being the best human being you can be.”

Terry was asked to put together a list of his favourite players but the list would have been impossible to compile if he had not had the chance to see the best in the Premier League.

“I would have had to spend a lifetime and years looking at these players, and this is the only one I could come up with,” Terry told Sky Sports.

“So it was really about trying to pick a team and a style of football, because football is about the players.”

The best in-form players are often those who are not the best on the pitch, but also those who make the best out of the circumstances they find themselves in.

For example, England’s captain, Michael Rooney, played with the England Under-21 team at the 2006 World Cup in Australia.

He was a regular starter and was the captain when England were eliminated.

“He was always the first guy to get out of bed, to go to the gym, and just to be on the ball,” Terry recalled.

“We all love his personality and his energy and he’s an extraordinary talent.”

It is rare for a player to be recognised by so many greats in their career.

“John Terry was the most iconic footballer in English football history,” said former Manchester United striker, Ryan Giggs.

“His career is probably one of the greatest sporting careers of all time, it took him three decades to achieve, and it was the greatest team of all-time.”

It is an amazing achievement to be able to look back on John Terry as one of these great footballers.

“To see a player who played so many years of the game, who was so special, and he went on to become the greatest footballer in the history, to see his achievements being recognised by the greatest of all times is just an incredible achievement.”

A lot of the time the players, or the manager, have the last word on who is the best, and that’s just not the case.

“Terry’s team-mates, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler and Robbie Brady, were among the players to receive Terry’s accolades.”

Everyone knows him as the greatest player in football history, but to have the honour of being ranked number one is something I will never forget,” said Terry.”

That was incredible, and I will always be grateful for that.

“Terry, a regular pundit on BT Sport, has also made a career of providing insights into the world of football and helping fans understand the sport in a new way.

In his book, he tackles topics ranging from the evolution of the modern game to the future of football.”

In a world where the rules of the professional game have changed dramatically over the last decade, what is the right mindset for a football player?

Terry’s answers are as fascinating as the facts he’s been able to discover about the sport,” said John Mccartney, senior sports editor at the Times.”

With such a long career, he is a great writer and a fascinating character to follow.

“If you are interested in the psychology of a player, his book is an invaluable read.

He also has a superb understanding of the evolution and evolution of football as a whole.”