Video shows courtroom melee after guilty verdicts in Florida murder case

Video shows a Florida courtroom erupting in violence after four accused killers were found guilty.

The wild melee Friday in Ocala involved three of the defendants and court security officers who used stun guns to restore order.

Defense attorney Daniel Hernandez is seen being pummeled by his client, Troy Davis.

“I got about five punches to the back and the side of my head, forehead. I got a few bumps and bruises, some scratches,” Hernandez told Fox 35 Orlando.

The attorney said he had been trying cases for 40 years without ever being struck by a client. He said he never expected Davis to strike him.

courtroom brawl cropped

Guilty verdicts in a Florida murder case led to a courtroom melee involving defendants and court security officers that was caught on video.

 (Marion County Sheriff’s Office )

“We’d had our disagreements on some things, but we never, nothing physical had ever happened, and I certainly was not expecting to get punched,” he told the station.

A young boy told the jury Davis shot and killed his 28-year-old father, Courtney London, in 2016, the Gainesville Sun reported. The boy was 5 at the time.

Davis apologized to Hernandez when he addressed the judge before being sentenced to life in prison. His co-defendants were also given life sentences.


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