Ufologists spotted a UFO flying over moon surface

Уфологи заметили НЛО, пролетевший над лунной поверхностью

The discovery was made on images of mission Apollo 10.

Famous UFO researcher Scott Waring never ceases to amaze their findings meant to prove to the world the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations in our backyard, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter.

The researcher examined the images obtained by the Americans in may 1969 during the mission “Apollo 10”, and suddenly found three frames something strange. Above the surface of the moon was clearly captured shapeless white object very impressive size. Waring wrote on his website:

“On August 8, I found on the images of NASA 50 years ago this anomaly. This unidentified flying object looks like some kind of giant space jellyfish, rotating around its axis and rapidly changing form. Described a UFO is exactly in the middle of each frame, so I have no doubt that NASA astronauts are perfectly seen and photographed on purpose”, – said the ufologist.

“I’m very curious what it could be. Perhaps the alien spaceship? Or a separate sentient being? The more we learn about it, the more we want to know something else, while the hidden and the unseen,” – said the expert.

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