The Wccftech Finance Section is Hiring!

Yes! That’s right! We’re hiring! If you’re in any way a gamer, tech geek, mobile gadget guru, autonomous car buff or CPU/GPU fan AND have a good understanding of finance, we want to hear from you! Wccftech is a great community of people who are excited and passionate about what we cover and we’re looking for someone who can put their passion for BOTH finance AND technology into writing.

You’ll ideally have a background in finance whether it’s academically, professionally or both. If you’ve ever modelled, bought or sold stock, futures, options, FX, bonds, FRAs, swaps, CDS or crypto, we want to hear from you! Do you model volatility? Do your veins run thick with Stochastic Alpha, Beta, Rho? Does Black Scholes make your pulse race? Does your counterparty risk cup runneth over? Do you love the smell of the opening bell in the morning? Is a Condor more than a bird to you? Every time Trump or Elon Tweet, are you jumping to check your portfolio or trying to consider how to protect against them/make money from them? Perhaps you like icebergs, auctions, MiFID or Volcker and read everything the FCA, SEC and ESMA publish! Whatever your particular poison of choice in the world of finance, if you like tech, we’re looking for you!

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If any of the above is you, get in touch! Even if it’s not and you just like finance, drop us a line! We cover the finances of tech companies, fintech, crypto, major government policy themes which affect the technology industry and more. We’re looking for people able to write about the relevant news stories and provide light analysis of them from a financial perspective, but grounded in your understanding of technology.

Drop me a line at or head on over to our Careers page to apply!


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