Skywatch: See all five "naked-eye" planets this week



You’ll be able to spot some planets if you’re out after sunset or before sunrise this week. On Sunday night Jupiter and Venus will shine brightly after sunset in the southwest. They’ll meet the nearly half-moon and the three will be tough to miss. Jupiter will be just below and right of the moon while Venus will be below and right of Jupiter.

Saturn and Mars are in the southern sky in the evenings this week. You can use the moon to help you spot the two Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It will be very close to the pair each evening. Above is how you’ll find the three on Tuesday evening, when the moon is particularly close to the ringed planet of Saturn.

On Friday morning Mercury is very close to the horizon in the east. You’ll have to get out shortly after 5:30 a.m. to see it before it gets lost in the sun’s glare. Just above and right of it you’ll see a popular asterism that’s a little more well known later or earlier in the year. The Winter Circle is made up of seven famous stars from other constellations. It’ll be tough to miss on a clear morning.

The moon is officially full next week but it might as well be on Saturday night. The Full Sturgeon Moon arrives Sunday morning at 7:56 a.m. so it’ll be big and bright as we wind up the week. Named because the fish in the Great Lakes were easily caught this month. It’s also known as the Full Green Corn Moon. Happy hunting!

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