Scientists told how they are choosing suitable for the colonization of extrasolar planets

Astronomers have discovered exoplanet most similar to Earth. We are talking about a space object that scientists call Kepler-186f. The planet has noticed a stable change of climate, characteristic of different seasons of the year. It is located in the area of “foreseeable” stars.

Ученые рассказали, как они выбирают пригодные для колонизации экзопланеты


Experts have told that suitable for the colonization of extrasolar planets should have changing weather and different climate zones. Kepler-186f at the moment called the most promising in terms of settling. It resembles the Earth in its axis. It is for such astronomers and choose a planet to colonize. This interacts with the exoplanet Kepler-62f. In that these objects resemble the Earth and Mars. In the Solar system, the Moon acts as a stabilizing element. Is there a natural satellite from Kepler-186f is now known.

Even in the absence of the moons of these exoplanets, there is a strong connection for tens of millions of years. According to scientists, this work on the study of space objects suitable for settlement are carried out for the first time and thanks to them we can figure out how to operate the coming of the cosmic body. Astronomers choose suitable for settlement of the planet’s climate and axis tilt.


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