Scientists: Earth's Core is solid and time capsule

Australian geologists, applying the latest research methodology with J-waves, made a sensational but yet, unrecognized throughout the scientific community discovery.

Ученые: Ядро Земли это твердая капсула времени

Scientists from the Australian University in their report, published in a special edition, reported that the Earth’s core this is a solid time capsule. That is, until now in the scientific world, the discussion was conducted regarding the physical condition of the earth’s core. Most scientists believed that it consists of Nickel alloys with iron and is in the amorphous state. The researchers believe that the “core of Earth” is a conglomerate of gold and platinum.

The catch is that none of the geologists cannot agree with that bold theory, nor disprove it. As for scientists, the answer is the state of the earth’s core is the same problem as finding the “Holy Grail” of Christians. As for the assertion that “solid core” is a time capsule that captures all the processes occurring on the surface, that is, in the opinion of geologists, or a joke, Australians, or, worse, deliberate misinformation.

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