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Carey, Bob and Eddie have been in full spring football, NFL draft mode over the past few days and have a lot of updates on the latest going on with everything football in Norman. We’re just coming off OU’s Pro Day where Kyler Murray finally did something. We talk about more than just Kyler Murray and hear from Lincoln Riley, Murray and even Marquise Brown. The Sooners are three practices in to spring football and Lincoln Riley updates us on the progress of the defense, his impressions of Jalen Hurts and he talks about the young receivers that have come into the program. It’s an information packed pod that recaps the last two days of wall-to-wall action inside the OU football program.

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The full rundown is below:

OPEN – Eddie survived New Orleans and every bachelor party ends the same way

0:07:15 – Pro Day started without Kyler Murray not getting measured for height again. Conspiracy theories starting again?

0:13:00 – Why are the olds causing so much trouble with Kyler? Charile Casserly

0:16:00 – We just really, really, really wanted to know how fast Kyler Murray is

0:19:15 – Lincoln Riley seemed to have his fingerprints on OU’s players and their paths to the NFL0:24:20 – Baker Mayfield’s Pro Day vs. Kyler Murray’s Pro Day

0:29:20 – The players who didn’t work out. Marquise Brown and Rodney Anderson

0:33:05 – Read anything into Arizona not being at Kyler’s Pro Day?

0:35:45 – Curtis Bolton had a good day

0:38:55 – Spring Football. Lincoln Riley’s update on the defense. What we’re learning

0:44:10 – Riley talks about his young receivers that have come in. Who could make the biggest impact?

0:47:04 – Lincoln Riley and Bill Bedenbaugh talk about a young OL in spring practices

0:50:40 – R.J. Proctor addition discussed

0:53:50 – The Jalen Hurts report. Lincoln Riley talks about the transition

0:58:30 – New Orleans Rivals camp is coming up and Josh will be there

1:02:20 – The Brayden Willis h-back era is about to begin

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