Passport warning: Families with different surnames need extra document when travelling

Parents travelling with their children this summer will need to start carrying their children’s birth certificates if they do not share the same surname.

If the parent travelling has a different surname to the child they are with, then they will need another form of identification.

A passport will not be enough to prove the relationship between the two and this could cause problems if families arrive at the airport if without the birth certificate.

While it has caused an uproar among parents who are affected, the Home Office has explained why this is.

The Home Office tweeted: “If your family has different surnames, please bring birth or adoption certificates to help get through passport control quicker.

“We have a duty to safeguard children and to prevent people trafficking, child sexual exploitation and other crimes.

“That is why Border Force officers sometimes need to ask additional questions.”

Many parents may not have the same name as their children for various reasons, such as the mother not taking the father’s name when getting married.

Parents or guardians may not even be married and have different surnames.

Twitter users were angered with regards to the extra process for families.

One wrote: “I am fundamentally against this. My husband and I have different surnames.

“And our son bears my husband’s. Not unusual for parents to have different surnames in the 21st Century. Appalling stuff by @sajidjavid and the Home Office.”

Others expressed their worries about taking important documents on holiday: “Seriously? I am not taking my entire family’s birth certificates with me every time we go abroad.

“What exactly is it that you are trying to establish? Surely all that matters is that we have valid travel documents?”

Last year, it was revealed that 60,000 parents had been stopped at security for having a different last name to their child.

Changing a name on a passport can be a tricky process, so it is important to get it right the first time.

If changing the name due to marriage or divorce, then it must be done before booking new flights.

If the flight name is different from the passport name then the passenger will not be allowed to fly.

Passports currently cost £75.50 when renewing online for ten years, or £85 by postal service.

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