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We are learning more about the situation surrounding the Nebraska Football running back.

We now have some more information into the events surrounding Nebraska Football running back Maurice Washington. Monday, it was announced that the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office was appointed to his case. The attorney who will be working on this case will be determined later Monday or Tuesday.

Washington is scheduled for a June 12 court date where he is expected to enter a plea in the case. No pleas have been entered to this point.

Washington, is accused of texting a sex video of his ex-girlfriend which showed her engaging in a previous sexual act with another girl.  He used derogatory language to her in his response. Currently, the charges he is facing are possession of a video of a person under 18  engaging in or simulating sexual conduct. He also has a misdemeanor charge for sharing the video without the other girl’s consent.

As this process continues, it does not sound like Washington will be on the field anytime soon. I do not want him on the field until this situation is sorted out. With so many things going right for Nebraska Football coming out of spring practices, he could be a distraction to the team. I certainly want the best outcome for all parties involved, and these charges should not be taken lightly.

Nebraska Football has plenty of depth at the running back position, so Washington’s absence will not be too detrimental to the team. Obviously, Nebraska wants him on the field, but he should certainly get his situation sorted out first. I hope for the best, and while it is not an ideal situation, this will give other players at the position a chance to shine. Especially with some of the summer arrivals coming soon, that could certainly work in Nebraska Football’s favor moving forward.

It sounds as though this process is being handled smoothly and no one is making a rush to judgment. June 12 should be able to provide a bit more clarity in this case. At that point, the Nebraska Football program should be able to have a better idea of what is going on and how that will affect them moving forward. I’m sure they have a better idea than us of what is going on behind the scenes, and I’m sure they have been in contact with Washington. After all, he is still part of the team until further notice.

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Again, I hope everything works out for all parties and that the proper decisions are made in this case. In the meantime, Nebraska Football will have to soldier forward without one of their emerging offensive players from last season.

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