Government shutdown: Live updates – CNN

Air traffic controllers are starting to feel the pressure from the partial government shutdown, according to Dan McCabe, a spokesman with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. 

“The shutdown must end immediately” McCabe says.

McCabe expressed concern about the impact the partial shutdown will have on the Super Bowl traffic that will flow through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in the coming weeks.

Remember: It’s still safe to fly. While agencies like the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration are understaffed because of the shutdown, experts say there’s no reason to believe safety is compromised.

Security at airport checkpoints across the country is just as effective as ever, and average wait times are within TSA standards, an agency spokesman said. 

But things could get less safe over time: Just because air travel is still safe now does not mean that a prolonged government shutdown wouldn’t have a potentially dangerous impact.

Issues like understaffing and employees quitting will only get worse with time.

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