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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is leading a major excavation of a plot in northern Wyoming that is brimming with fossils from the Jurassic Period. That will translate to a big expansion of the museum’s popular Dinosphere exhibit.

The museum announced Monday that it is leading the $27.5 million project, which is called “Mission Jurassic” and will flesh out the period in ways scientists have not been able to before.

The museum will partner with The Natural History Museum in London, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands and the University of Manchester to lead more than 100 scientists who will work in the Morrison Formation in Wyoming.

Along with dinosaur fossils, the 640-acre Wyoming site contains animals, marine life, fossilized plants and tracks from 150 million years ago.

Almost 600 specimens have been recovered over the past two years, including an 80 foot-long  Brachiosaur, 90-foot-long Diplodocid, and a 6 and a half-foot Brachiosaur shoulder bone. 

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