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Europe’s Islamic radicals will soon land on America’s doorstep – Fox News

President Obama should listen to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the “founder” of shuttle diplomacy. Kissinger told Bloomberg TV’s Judy Woodruff recently that he sees little hope in the “Arab Spring,” nor is he optimistic about peace in the region following the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Welcome to the party, Dr. Kissinger. Some […]

Bill O’Reilly: America today and the Iraq War – Fox News

By Bill O’Reilly It was 10 years ago that President Bush launched an attack on Iraq. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SHEPARD SMITH, FOX NEWS HOST: Operation Iraqi Freedom has begun and the Pentagon says Saddam Hussein’s days are numbered. I’m Shepard Smith. This is The Fox Report on Fox News Channel and tonight on Fox stations from […]

Top 10 small towns in America – Fox News

While America’s iconic big cities may attract the majority of starry-eyed tourists, small towns are the nation’s true gems. The folks at Fodor’s have recent released this year’s picks for the best small towns in America. Scouring the nation for quaint hometown treasures was not an easy task. The editors at Fodor’s set parameters for […]

America’s Big Fat Advantage – RealClearPolitics

For all the Obama-era talk of decline, there is at least one reason why America probably won’t, at least not quite yet. “Peak oil” and our “oil addiction” were supposed to have ensured that we ran out of either gas or the money to buy it. Now, suddenly, we have more gas and oil than […]

America’s Top 50 Rabbis for 2013 – Daily Beast

This list comprises rabbinic leaders from across the denominational spectrum and those who don’t affiliate with a movement. It includes pulpit rabbis, educators, organizational leaders, activists, and scholars. It includes clergy working in Dallas, Minneapolis, Memphis, and Columbus, Ohio, but like American Jews themselves, the rabbis on this list are clustered on the coasts—particularly in […]

America’s infrastructure gets a D+. That’s not as bad as it sounds. – Washington Post (blog)

America’s infrastructure gets a D+. That’s not as bad as it sounds. – Washington Post (blog)

<!– Text Size Print Reprints –> There’s bad news and surprisingly good news in the latest report card on U.S. infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Now with 10 percent less fail. (The Washington Post) The gloomy bit: America’s infrastructure only warrants a D+, with the ASCE estimating that we’ll need to […]

Affirming ‘America’s unbreakable bond’ with Israel – Washington Post

“I see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds between our nations, to restate America’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security,” he said. “It makes us both stronger. It makes us both more prosperous. And it makes the world a better place.” In welcoming Obama formally, Israeli President Shimon Peres said the visit, […]

spiciest meals in America – Fox News

Ask any child what America loves most, and they are very likely to say “eating” and “litigation.” Yes, we love to eat, but even more we love having to sign legal waivers that absolve the supplying business of any physical and/or emotional pain incurred thereafter by said individual(s) consuming said meal(s). Here are seven of […]

Why the "Retro Wife" Threatens America’s Economy – Forbes

Why the "Retro Wife" Threatens America’s Economy – Forbes

Phyllis Schlafly and New York Magazine’s “Retro Wife” Though I wish America could ignore New York Magazine’s “Retro Wife” cover story, the lesson of Phyllis Schlafly forces us to pay attention. The “Retro Wife” here is Kelly Makino, who stays home with the kids, “spoils” her husband, and wants her daughters to: “Have a career […]

The Western Writers of America lasso the best books of the year – Washington Post (blog)

The Western Writers of America lasso the best books of the year – Washington Post (blog)

<!– Text Size Print Reprints –> Once they covered the literary landscape like the America buffalo, but nowadays Westerns seem to have ridden off into the sunset. “Horse-puckey!” say the weather-beaten fans. Westerns may be down, but they’re not out. The true believers are still there, writin’ and readin’ the stuff. And […]