Careem set to enter food delivery business in the Middle East according to reports

Dubai-based Careem is set to take on the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats with the launch of its own food delivery service according to reports from Reuters.

The news agency has heard from two sources within the ride-hailing company who said Careem is trying to raise up to USD150 million to launch the service, CareemFood, with it potentially coming into action by September.

Careem has been undergoing trials since February, when they purchased RoundMenu, using their fleet of drivers to not only ferry passengers but also food orders, in much the same was as Uber does with its Uber Eats delivery service.

It comes in the wake of reports from Bloomberg that Uber has opened talks to buy a controlling stake in Careem, their biggest rivals in the Middle Eastern ride-hailing market.

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