A terminal at Frankfurt airport was evacuated after someone reportedly breached security

frankfurt airport
The departure hall of Frankfurt International Airport in November 2010.

Alex Grimm/Getty

A terminal at Frankfurt Airport was briefly evacuated on Tuesday following reports that someone had walked past security without permission.

Police stopped passengers from boarding flights and cleared out the security zone of Area A of Terminal 1 of the international airport around 12:30 p.m. local time.

The lockdown was lifted two hours later, with police announcing airport operations resuming as normal.

It remains unclear whether one person or multiple people had breached the security checks.

Germany’s BILD newspaper reported that an adult and a child had skipped the checks, and later “disappeared,” citing Reza Ahmari, a spokesman for the German federal police.

Federal police at Frankfurt Airport also tweeted : “Reason for the police measures is the reference to the unauthorized access of at least one person in the security area.”

Photos and videos posted on social media during the evacuation showed dozens of people streaming out of the terminal.

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